Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why You Should Add a Swimming Pool Enclosure to Your Private Pool

Having your own private pool to relax in whenever you want is a great idea as it makes it quite convenient. However, you should consider getting a pool enclosure for the following reasons:

To reduce exposure to pollutants
You have probably experienced irritation in the eyes, mouth or even the skin due to too much chemicals in your pool. This is due to the exposure to pollutants and pathogens from the environment  that make it necessary to continuously tinker with pool chemicals to find the right balance. These chemicals can also be quite expensive. Adding a pool enclosure will reduce the exposure of your swimming pool to pollutants such as phosphates and other pathogens and reduce the need for more chemicals in your pools, saving you a lot of money too.

All year round swimming
Everyone who loves to swim always has that nostalgic feeling when the cold season comes around and it’s raining too much or the pool gets frozen over. If swimming is your thing, then a pool enclosure is the ideal way to make sure you have an outdoor living space all year round. You can find enclosures to obstruct harmful UV rays when it gets too hot in the summer or too keep your pool nice and toasty when winter comes around.

It’s good for your health
Swimming is good exercise regiment and you do not have to let the pounds pile on when the cold season comes around. The pool enclosure allows you to continue with your regular activities such as lap swimming, water weights and treading water which are all good for your health. You can also find pool enclosures that allow maintenance of an ideal temperature so your body does not have to acclimatize every time you want to take a swim.

This probably should have been the first reason why you need a pool enclosure. Pets, small children and trespassers can get into your exposed pool without any trouble risking injuries and accidents. Pool owners pay a higher premium for home insurance simply for owning a pool but an enclosure can help mitigate the risk and lower those insurance premiums in return.

Your pool may be exposed to a lot of debris, dirt, insects and wild animals that could harm you when swimming. Reptiles such as snakes and gators, depending on where you live, are a real threat. The pool enclosure can also protect your home from intruders coming through your back yard depending on how it is designed.

Enhanced beauty of the home

Depending on the type of enclosure you choose, you can also add decorative value to your back yard. There are so many different styles and colors available so that you can find the perfect fit for your home. Look for the pool enclosure that fits your individual style and offers a high level of functionality to make your home both more pleasant and safe.

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Why You Should Install Vinyl Siding in Your Home

Vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials with good reason. Studies have shown that about 33% of all homes built in recent years used vinyl siding more than any other cladding material available in the market. Vinyl siding has greatly improved over the years and has the following benefits to offer when installed around the home.

Versatile and attractive
Vinyl siding comes in a variety of styles. There are different profiles, textures, colors and architectural rim among other accessories. The main advantage of vinyl style cladding is that is can mimic the look of various cladding materials such as wood, stone and slate and still offer amazing performance value as compared to these other materials. Vinyl also has improved color retention compared to other cladding materials since the color goes through the entire depth of the material.
Since vinyl accentuates the best features of the building, it is widely used for new construction as well as home renovations. It greatly improves the curb appeal of the home.

Vinyl siding is also quite durable compared to other materials. It can with stand high winds, extreme temperatures such as heat, cold and moisture damage which is often a problem for wood. This cladding material has undergone various tests and most manufacturers are confident in offering lifetime warranties on the product and installation. This is just a showoff how sturdy this material is.

Green home construction has become a concern for many homeowners who want to play a role in conserving the environment in whichever way possible. You will be pleased to learn that vinyl is a green option as it outlasts other exterior cladding material. This kind of performance is both economical and environmentally friendly. You can also find insulated vinyl siding as an additional feature to regular vinyl siding. It provides all the durability and longevity qualities of vinyl siding along with an additional benefit of energy efficiency. Vinyl siding can reduce thermal bridging and qualify a home for energy star rating.

Easy to install
Vinyl is amazingly lightweight and therefore quite easy to install. It can be installed over existing materials too. With such easy installation, you can save on labor costs too.

Easy to maintain
Since the color of the material runs through its depth, vinyl does not lose its color and you do not have to repaint it. All you need to do is clean it once in a while using water and mild soap. It is not susceptible to problems like rot, mold, moisture damage and insect damage making it require almost no maintenance at all.

Vinyl is affordable
It has the lowest total installation cost compared to any other cladding material available in the market today. It also has the lowest life cycle cost with minimum maintenance required. It is one of the best features to consider when making home improvements and recouping the cost during the home resale.

Vinyl siding also complies with the National Fire Protection Association requirements for insulating electrical and data cables making it extremely safe too.

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