Friday, March 18, 2016

Furniture Ideas for Your New Sunroom

A sunroom is a great way to enjoy the outdoor weather and experience all year round without necessarily being exposed to the actual elements, especially when temperatures get a bit extreme. Sunrooms made of materials such as double and triple glazed glass windows and siding in particular have great insulative properties and weather resistance. You can decorate your sunroom with furniture for various occasions.

Reading area
You can transform your sunroom into a reading, relaxation or board game area where one can get away from the distractions of the TV and enjoy a relaxing day with a full view of the outdoors. A simple couch, a couple of bookshelves and the natural lighting make for a great relaxation area.

Fan and fireplace lounging area
Most sunrooms are often built without heating and air-conditioning. If you want to use your sunroom as a lounge area all year round, you can install a fan and a fireplace. The fan will help keep things cool in summer while the fireplace will warm it up during winter. You can even turn this into the family room.

Dining area
Instead of using the patio area as the outdoor dining area, set up the picnic table in the sunroom. You don’t have to worry about rodents snatching food from the table or other bugs making a mess of the place. Enjoy the safety of being in an enclosed environment while enjoying all the natural light and fresh air that makes an outdoor summer lunch so much fun.

Wicker furniture
Wicker furniture is great sunroom furniture. It often comes in hues of natural earth colors giving the sunroom a more earthy and outdoorsy feel. You can go with a complete dining set, a day bed and couch, ottoman and glass top tables. Resin wicker in particular is an all weather material that is great for patio and sunroom furniture. This material is not discolored by UV rays and the furniture maintains its attractive color for years.

Indoor plants
Fuse the indoor with the outdoors using potted plants. When well executed, it makes it difficult to see the borders between the indoors and outdoors in the sunroom. You get to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors with the safety and comfort of being in a weather resistant glass enclosure. Couple this up with the wicker furniture or wooden framed furniture along with some refreshments to sip on and you have a comfortable and relaxing environment to lounge the day away.

Beach house
Give your sunroom the feel of a beach house with bright colored framing such as white. Couple up white resin furniture with bright pillows and throw cushions around the room. Tropical styled fans and vases with bright flowers and large leaves give the entire room a tropical and coastal feel. Great part about it, you can change the flowers and the colored cushion covers with the change of seasons to give the entire room a whole new look without much effort on your part. 

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